Two buffalo are standing near a prairie road when a car pulls up.  The window rolls down and an occupant says, “Look at those mangy, smelly beasts.  YUCK! Let’s get out of here.”  Turning his head slowly one buffalo blurts to the other, “I think I just heard a discouraging word.”   

More often than seldom, I hear a discouraging word from buyers in today’s market.  “We keep getting beat out, no one will accept our FHA offer, there are no homes in our price range, our agent has given up on us,” are just a few of the mutterings!

This week we celebrate the holiday that reminds us of the many freedoms we enjoy in this great country.  The US census bureau indicates that the “American Dream” of home ownership is at 65%.  This is down from the all time high in 2004 of 69%. Not every country affords us the opportunity to take a second job, work overtime, or the entrepreneurial right to start a business.  In the USA, wealth and prosperity are in our own hands.   

Buyers…don’t be discouraged.  The affordability rate today is still close to all time highs.  Prices and interest rates have risen over the last year which indicates an improving economy.  Interest rates are still well under 5%.  Inventory is increasing each week with more sellers finding they now have equity and the confidence to “MOVE UP.” 


Home ownership is more than just a dream where deer and the antelope play!  Contact a REALTOR today and start singing a new song, Oh…and don’t let the Buffalo get you down!